Hand picked grapes….

How many times  have we read or heard  the word “hand picked grapes” related to a wine? Normally this three words are used to give the idea that these method of harvest is better in quality  if compared to machine harvesting. Is this totally true or are we facing a concept that is tainted with marketing and selling strategies?

Machine harvesting affords more of control than hand-picking and therefore can be an acceptable substitute for traditional handwork; moreover, as one can surely imagine, machines are less expensive than manpower. Furthermore works rapidity ends up being one of mechanical harvesting’s best qualities.

On the other hand mechanical harvesters lack in deciding what to pick: even after having adjusted  the parameters on the beater bars, the machine can’t choose only perfect ripe clusters and leave a second crop or moldy grapes behind, as trained team would. Also, some kind of important delicate vine varieties do not tolerate beater bars at all.

So where does truth lie? Read the article to find it out…


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