49-year old Paolo Damilano was born and brought up in Piedmont. He has been at the command of his family’s historic Cantina Damilano since 1997, together with his brother Mario and cousin Guido. Paolo’s first professional experience was in the mineral water market, through a family business based in Pontevecchio that boasts six different brands (including Valmora and Sparea), which the Damilano family has marketed for over 40 years. His passion for the excellent produce of the Piedmont region is demonstrated by his recent decision to expand and diversify his business activity into the catering industry, reviving some of the famous brands that helped put Turin on the map: from Pastificio Defilippis, one of the oldest pastry makers in Italy, to Bar Zucca, a meeting point for the people of Turin for over 50 years. This expansion was recently completed with the opening of a Michelin-starred restaurant at Barolo, partly hosted by Cantina Damilano and run by the chef Massimo Camia. At first sight Paolo seems to be the perfect embodiment of the enlightened Piedmontese businessman: highly reserved, with a detached air that masks great sensitivity developed through a profound attachment to his land and an old-fashioned humanity that is greatly appreciated by all who work with him. Nevertheless, he is not lacking in steely determination and during his career he has demonstrated innate business acumen, seemingly traceable to the Einaudi genes, building up a successful enterprise that has married typical Piedmontese standards of excellence with a far-sighted global view.

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Damilano is one of the oldest Barolo wineries, and has played a key role in the history of the wine. The family business dates back to 1890, when Giuseppe Borgogno, the great grandfather of the current owners, began to cultivate grapes and make wine on his own estate in Barolo.

Giacomo Damilano, the founder’s son-in-law, and his sons dedicated themselves to working on the vineyards with great passion, using careful selection and considerable ability to improve the quality of the wines produced. They made the family winery into a centre of excellence, which was handed over with great pride to Giacomo’s grandchildren, who have managed the winery since 1997.

The fourth generation, made up of Paolo, Mario and Guido Damilano, brought a new dynamism to the family business, strengthening and developing the fruit offered up by this extraordinary land, while continually carrying out further research and seeking out new innovation.
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