How much will I spend for my wine?Discover it.

The price, avalaible on request, related to a supply of 300 bottles, is defined by the choices made by the client. It includes: the grapes, the winemaking and all materials including bottles, label design and packaging. It also includes the value of the professional counselling involved and the amount of time which our winemakers will make available to the clients.

The price does not include shipping costs.

How are the payments organized?Discover it.

Payments are organized following the evolution of winery operations.
The schedule and percentages of each payment are detailed below:

From January to September 2014 From October 2014 to February 2015 From February 2015
30% 50% 20%

I would prefer to pay the whole amount now: is it possible?Discover it.

Of course: if you prefer to pay the whole amount between January and September, we will offer you a 5% discount on the final price.

I would love to buy more than just one barrell: is it possible?Discover it.

Of course: if you would like to purchase more barrels, even from different estates, we will offer you a discount in accordance with the following quantities:

5% 10%

How can I pay my wine?Discover it.

It will be possible to pay with a PayPal credit card, a bank check, or by direct wire transfer (bank to bank) paid in advance.

What are the shipping costs?Discover it.

Shipping costs are not included in your final price.
Here are the shipping costs for the countries covered by our distribution network:

Germany 510 €
France 600 €
The Netherlands 880 €
Belgium 820 €
Austria 530 €
United Kingdom 2000 €
Italy 75 €

Note: If you have chosen a wine which will be shipped some years later, after finishing its ageing, it is possible that the costs of shipment will be slightly modified if the prices charged by shippers have, in the meantime, increased. The cost, in any case, will not vary by more than 10%.

My address is not included in the countries listed above: what should I do?Discover it.

In the case of countries not yet covered by our distribution network, we advise you, before completing your order, to request a correct estimate of the shipping costs from our customer service, sending your request to the following e-mail address: info@mytailoredwine.com.
On the basis of your specific requirements and the shipping address you have indicated, we will advise you of the effective costs of shipping the goods so that you will be able to agree to a payment method and, successively, complete your order.

I still haven't received what I have ordered: what should I do?Discover it.

MyTailoredWine will always be at your disposal to resolve any and all problems which may arise. Call us or write us, and we will be happy to resolve eventual problems relating to failure to deliver of the merchandise.

I have chosen and paid the first step in the creation of the wine, but after having thought about it, I would like to cancel the order: is it possible?Discover it.

Certainly, MyTailoredWine offers you the possibility of cancelling your order within, and not beyond, a ten day lapse of time from the order date.

What happens if I don't pay the successive steps after the first one?Discover it.

MyTailoredWine wishes to involve you in a unique experience, that of following the evolution, from the vineyard to the finally labelling and packing, of your own wine. For this reason, if you decide to participate in our program, you will sign a commitment to bring to completion of the working phases of your wine. CV proposes payments spread out over time, reminding you, however, that the failure to pay even one of the various stages of the way will not give you any right to reimbursement of payments previously made.

When my wine is aging, what will I be able to do?Discover it.

During the aging period of your wine, you will be free to join the life and the work of the estate, as much as you want. Furthermore we will organise events dedicated to your learning: toghether with your trusted oenologist, you will taste your wine, following and understanding its evolution through periodical meetings. When bottling operations are approaching, you will be directly involved in the choice of your label, bottle and packaging: in these steps you will be guided by our staff through the different options and materials available, in order to allow you to leave your personal mark on your wine.