​Maddalena was born in Verona in 1973. She studied Contemporaney History at the University in Bologna, but when her father Emilio asked her to join him for the Musella project, she followed him with a great and unexpected enthusiam. She travelled everywhere in the world to take the wine culture and she grown her winemaking knowledge working in the Musella winery and spending a lot of time with other winemakers in different cellars. The business experience and her passion for the nature took her to the Biodynamic. She spent many years following and studying the different currents about Biodynamic viticulture till she found in Mr Alex Podolinsky her mentor. She lives in the middle of the vineyards in Musella with her two kids, Edoardo and Tancredi, dogs, cats and...donkeys.

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Tenuta Musella lies a stone’s throw from the city of Verona, in the hills of San Martino Buon Albergo. It is one of the most beautiful and self-contained estates of the Veneto region, rich in forests, waterways, vineyards and olive groves, ancient country houses and charming churches, farm estates and farmhouses, criss-crossed with small roads and footpaths, all lying within a completely fenced-in natural park in which many rare plant and animal species prosper undisturbed. At the centre of the centuries-old park, the estate features an impressive 17th Century villa. The oldest sources on the aristocratic Muselli family, the original owners of the estate, date back to the early 16th Century, but it was in the latter half of the 19th Century that the area’s winemaking tradition began, initiated by the inspired and enthusiastic Cesare Trezza di Musella.
In 1990 the estate was broken up, and the Azienda Agricola Musella, owned by Emilio Pasqua di Bisceglie, acquired all of the vineyards (around 60 acres), as well as some of the agricultural buildings. These included the early 16th Century country house, known as Le Ferrazzette, which once functioned as the estate’s stables and now houses the winery, along with other buildings that were eventually restored and converted into cellars and an agriturismo, all surrounded by beautiful green countryside watered by the gentle River Fibbio.
Emilio has roots in the winemaking industry, and the ambitious decision to take on Musella was certainly stimulated by the enthusiasm of his daughter Maddalena and supported by his nephew Enrico Raber, who is now the company’s oenologist. The ancient winemaking tradition of the area and the peculiar suitability of the land allowed them to restore the company’s wines to their former glories, and with dedication, professionalism and constant technological improvements they have continued to raise quality standards.
Tenuta Musella is a biodynamic company, and its cellars and business operations are all located within the 16th Century country house, which was initially the stables for the estate’s nobility. The house is set in beautiful green countryside that is bathed by the river Fibbio.
The large hayloft above the old stables was set aside for drying the grapes used for the production of the estate’s Amarone. The drying process uses carefully calculated and monitored natural ventilation that guarantees the grapes are preserved in a healthy environment.
All of the grapes come exclusively from the estate, which covers almost 1,000 acres, around 100 of which are dedicated to vineyards. There are notable variations in the composition of the terrain across the estate.

The company has three vineyards on three different hills, which also contain large wooded areas and nature reserves. The different composition of the terrain and the exposure largely to the west guarantee interesting combinations. The wines produced are Monte del Drago, Perlar and Palazzina.
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