Matteo Sardagna Einaudi is the son of Paola Einaudi and Baron Emanuele di Sardagna, a member of an aristocratic Austro-Hungarian family. Matteo studied Classics in Milan before graduating in Architecture and Restoration from the city’s Polytechnic University.
After a brief period spent working in Buenos Aires and Milan, he gradually started to contribute to managing the family company along with his mother Paola. Since 1998 he has dedicated his entire time to the company, gradually familiarising himself with its internal mechanisms and all of the specific elements of the family business. After the death of his mother in 2010, Matteo took over the reins, managing the company’s cellars and commercial activities and overseeing production, contributing personally to make Poderi Einaudi one of the world’s best known producers of Barolo.
Matteo is a father of three and divides his time between Dogliani, Turin and Milan. His classical education fostered a profound love for the art, culture and literature of Eastern Europe. A lover of life and living well, he takes any available opportunity to practise one of his many hobbies.

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Luigi Einaudi was an extraordinary figure in the chaotic history of Italy around the turn of the 20th Century. During his career he worked in fields as diverse as journalism and academia, becoming Governor of the Bank of Italy and then President of Italy after the Second World War. He was born in Carrù, Piedmont in 1874, into a middle-class family of State functionaries and notaries that originally hailed from Val Maira. Einaudi wrote with his usual irony of the origins of his paternal family: “the Einaudi’s come from Val Maira, above Dronero, where there are more Einaudis than stones, and for time immemorial they have been mountain-folk, woodsmen, shepherds and peasants”.
After the death of his father in 1888, he moved to Dogliani, his mother’s home village. It was here, living in the old family house, that his young personality was formed. In 1897, aged just 23, Luigi Einaudi purchased the 18th Century farmhouse of S. Giacomo, which was to become the cornerstone of the Einaudi estate, now made up of 11 farmsteads. From this estate, he first sold Dolcetto wine outside Piedmont in 1905. Combining his economic foresight with a desire to recover ancient lands that had been lost through his family’s misfortune, by the time of his death he had created a model agricultural company, bearing out his scientific analysis but above all satisfying his most heartfelt desire. The company is still organised perfectly, with each farmstead operating independently and responsible for its own production. The “Professor”, as he was respectfully nicknamed by his fellow villagers, was a tireless scholar and a man of simple but noble virtue, profoundly linked to the Piedmontese peasant tradition. Indeed, he said that he loved the land that was “made fertile by the sweat of the men who worked on it”. The descendants of Luigi Einaudi, led by young Matteo Sardagna Einaudi, currently uphold the traditional values, continuing to nurture a love for the Langhe area and opening the doors of their wine cellars and the enchanting Relais dei Poderi, a former family summer house that is a veritable oasis of peace and serenity, where guests are welcomed like members of the family.
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