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- MyTailoredWine

MyTailoredWine is a unique project that offers lovers of wine an exciting opportunity to become winemakers, creating an Italian wine tailored to their own personal taste.

Personally selecting various characteristics – grape variety and terroir, cellar practices and aging techniques – each single client will be able to follow, actively and interactively, step by step, through the assistance of multi-media information and communications dedicated specifically to him, the entire production cycle that determines the character and personality of his wine.

In his choice of the various options available to him, the client will be accompanied and assisted by a team of world-famous oenologists capable of offering highly professional advice: this will ensure the final product truly corresponds to his personal preferences and tastes.

"Twelve terroirs among the world's most prestigious, eleven world famous oenologists, thirteen estates which best represent the history, the spirit, and the identity of each territory."

How did the
project start

- Federico Genta Ternavasio
- Paolo Torretta

The project was born in the spring of 2012 out of an idea conceived by Federico Genta Ternavasio
and Paolo Torretta.

Both university graduates and sommeliers with a passionate love of wine, they decided to develop and elaborate - supported by the winemaking expertise of Attilio Pagli and Emiliano Falsini, renowned oenologists who work all over the world - a website that offers connoisseurs the opportunity to create their own "custom made" wine, just like they would acquire a made to measure suit.

We were contemplating a glass of our favorite wine, mulling over the dream of having a winery of our own one day. We had already discussed and fantasized about this on any number of occasions, enveloped in those warm and irrational sensations that only this superb nectar can instill... It's clearly a complicated business – we said to ourselves – it needs a sizeable initial investment, as well as the right area, immense self-sacrifice, and limitless patience...

Then, all of a sudden, we were struck by an idea: we needed to find a way to enable wine lovers like us to become "producers" in the true sense of the word, "masters" of their own vineyard, but without having to negotiate all the pitfalls associated with running such an operation directly. Walking into a wine shop to choose a bottle would no longer be enough, suddenly this felt cold and incomplete, too far removed from the passion and human experience that goes into each and every bottle of wine.

We wanted to create a project that could satisfy our deepest desire, to experience that moment in which we could open a bottle of "our wine" while dining with our closest friends and family and recount its entire story.

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26 years old. A degree with honors in Law at the University of Turin, enhanced by a semester at the renowned "Center for Transnational Legal Studies" in London; six months experience at the Faculty of Law of Maastricht University. Currently completing his training at a law firm in Turin. A great passion for wine instilled by his father and uncle, with whom he became a qualified sommelier. With Paolo Torretta, the realization of a dream: an innovative project that will appeal to those willing to become a wine producer, living a unique and unrepeatable experience. 26 years old. Moved away from home at 18 to get a degree at Bocconi University, Faculty of Economics, Milan; study experiences between New York University and Sciences-Po in Paris, and a financial background built at an investment bank in New York. A love for wine that motivates him to become a qualified sommelier and to enter this fascinating world with Federico, with a project rooted in Italy and Europe. This joint venture wishes to reach all those who come to our country from anywhere in the world to live an unforgettable experience and become a winemaker.

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