Averardo Borghini Baldovinetti, the estate’s Wine and Finance Director, comes from a family that has been making wine for over 600 years. His experience in the wine industry therefore has its roots in his family’s estate in Tuscany. From a very young age, he always had a great passion for wine, and he continued to develop this interest during his studies in London, where he gained a degree in International Business Administration. After participating in countless wine tastings and events all over the world, Averardo is clearly a figure of great renown in the global wine industry, and is frequently asked to hold presentations and host debates for professional operators within the sector. He is a member of numerous prestigious associations, such as the Italian Sommelier’s Association (AIS), the Vino Nobile di Montepulciano consortium, the National Wine Tasters’ Association (ONAV) and the Chianti consortium. He also owns a wine company in Montepulciano and is on the Board of Directors of his family’s wine business in Tuscany.

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Vino Nobile di Montepulciano terroir
In relation to Tenimenti Conti Borghini Baldovinetti De’ Bacci, the French concept of terroir would encompass the ownership, vineyards and vinification processes that go into determining the character of the wine produced.

In order to understand the full nature of this estate, however, we need to delve into its history in much more detail. The estate’s traditions are intertwined with those of a family that considers wine production to be an integral component of its culture and the true legacy of its lands.

The name comes from an old patrician Florentine family founded by Borghino di Taddeo Baldovinetti. It is a family that over the centuries produced a number of high ranking government officials and ambassadors for the ancient and glorious Florentine Republic. The current Count, Gianluigi Borghini Baldovinetti, added the surname of his paternal grandmother, Bacci Venuti, itself pertaining to the patrician family from neighbouring Arezzo that commissioned Pier della Francesca to paint the Leggenda della Vera Croce frescos in the city’s Grand Chapel of San Francesco. Count Gianluigi Borghini Baldovinetti de' Bacci and his son Averardo have upheld the family’s oenological traditions, providing a shining example of how wine is a product of both man and nature.

Fattoria di San Fabiano, together with its holdings of Campriano and Poggio Uliveto, provides a clear point of reference on the Tuscan and Italian winemaking landscape.
The grape variety available in Vino
Nobile di Montepulciano